Knitting Wool

Knitting wool is available in a large selection of textures from baby fine to coarse for creating wonderful rugs. There are abundance of colors in knitting wool. There’s a standard admonition to know the exact amount of knitting wool needed for each knitting project in order to make sure the dye lots of the colors are the same. Another way to do this is to check the dye lot number on the outside label. It’s important to know that knitting wool also comes in different volumes. This is quite convenient for those who prefer to purchase the specific volume needed.

Knitting Yarn And Its Many Uses

Knitting Wool

Knitting Wool

In addition to sweaters, scarves, capes, rugs and baby items, knitting yarn is often used for crochet, embroidery and hook rug projects as well. Knitting wool is often used for crafting specialty items like dolls, place mats, planters, kitchen magnets and holiday decorations like wreaths and hand-crafted gifts. The number of ways that knitting wool can be used is only limited by the user’s imagination.

Knitting Wool For Knitting Beginners

One of the best way for knitting beginners to learn how to knit is to begin with a simple knitting project like woolen scarves. Learning how to knit takes a little patience and concentration. Unlike crocheting, the number of knit or purl stitches in each row must be exact in order for the sizing to be accurate to the knitting pattern being used. The stitches also determine the final texture of the knitting pattern. A rib stitched pattern is often used for hats and crew neck sweaters. Others such as the seed stitch create an effect similar to the popcorn stitch in crocheting. The cable stitch pattern is popular for sweaters. These are created by manipulating the number of knit and purl stitches in a specific knitting pattern.

Knitting Machines

Many knitters prefer to use a knitting machine for their knitting projects. These knitting machines make project completion more expedient. They operate like a weaving machine. Knitting yarn is interlocked into predetermined patterns and sizing is automatic.

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